Physical Threats & The Importance of Small Business Data Backup

Your business’s data and records are essential. There are likely compliance obligations, protocols and laws that must be followed as well. Lately the news has been chock-full with reports on significant data breaches in our country’s largest companies.

While data security is vital, backup is equally as important. Modern technology has made documenting files digitally an efficient and inexpensive process. While a server is obviously more desirable than physical drawers holding your document, offsite cloud storage is even more secure.

Unfortunately, a large number of small businesses still depend on a physical device for some or all of their data backup. Below we discuss two primary reasons why this is a mistake.


Fires are erratic and destructive. While insurance coverage is meant to help you reestablish what you lost, data cannot always be restored. An onsite server is regrettably as useful as a file cabinet when it is damaged by fire.

Water damage

Water penetration is a significant physical threat to onsite backup systems. No matter what causes the water to penetrate the system, it could be the end of the line for your server and data.

How can I protect my data?

There is no physical risk when it comes to cloud storage. This is because cloud storage does not require hardware. It provides the same accessibility, security, and reliability as an onsite server with no conceivable damage or data loss from physical external threats. Cloud storage will save and backup your data. While the files in physical devices must be saved and backed up manually, a cloud solution performs these tasks automatically.

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