How Do I Know If Our Company Server Is Hacked?

“How do I know if our company server has been hacked?”

–This is a question business owners find themselves constantly fretting over. There is nothing more aggravating than a slow network. Issues with the router, switches, or interconnecting cables are regular culprits of server issues. Hackers may also have gained access to the company server, which impacts its security and running speed.

Hackers work hard to cover up their tracks once they breach a network of servers. As a result, businesses go to great lengths every year to protect their company servers from hackers. In addition, businesses constantly look for new technology to protect servers from compromise. Unfortunately, hackers are almost always a step ahead. Look for these signs that your company server has been hacked the next time you are dealing with server issue.

How do I know if our company server has been hacked?

Things are running slow.

If you are dealing with a slow computer or poor Internet connection, your server may have been hacked. Hackers access your servers by bypassing or breaking the firewall. Once they pass the firewall, they begin downloading data from your server or installing new programs that were not there before. As a result, the computer or network speed slows to a crawl. Look for programs that were not previously installed on your computer or server. In addition, check that your email accounts are not sending or receiving a bunch of “spam” emails. These may be signs, or evidence, that your company server has been hacked.

Files are disappearing.

Hackers have free reign over your network once they have broken past the firewall. In addition to erasing files or adding programs, they can delete existing files that are vital to your company. Hackers can use your bandwidth and even read and send emails from your company email address as well.

Files say they are encrypted

Another indicator that your network has been hacked is your files being encrypted. Files cannot be encrypted by anyone that does not have access to the server. As a result, files that appear encrypted is a tell-tale sign that your network is compromised. Check that the files you use on a regular basis are not encrypted. Look for edited information, such as dates, account numbers, or inventory trackers you might easily recognize as inaccurate.

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