3 Warning Signs That You Need a Server Upgrade

Getting a new server can be a costly headache, but dealing with a failing one can cause even bigger issues. Old hardware doesn’t just slow down your productivity — it leaves you vulnerable to hackers and malware.

There are usually obvious symptoms that you will begin noticing when it’s time to upgrade your server. We’ve assembled a list of the top three warning signs and why upgrading to a new server sooner rather than later is the best option for your company.

Here Is What to Look For

1. Increasing Maintenance Costs

Most servers have roughly a five-year life cycle with routine maintenance. As this mark starts approaching, maintenance visits will become more frequent and more costly, and it will become necessary to weigh the cost of replacement versus repair.

Think of your server like a car — at a certain point you will have to start bringing it into the shop more often and each repair becomes more expensive than the last. At this stage, it might make the most sense to buy a new car (or server) and save yourself the financial pain of all the potential repairs just around the corner.

If your server requires frequent care from your IT team, chances are you are at risk of a significant issue or complete server failure. Before disaster strikes, it is in your best interest to replace the whole thing instead of waiting until your hand is forced.

Your server holds all your data, and your employees work off of it every day — can you really risk losing that functionality while you wait for a new server to be installed and set up?

2. Your Existing Server Is Exhibiting Odd Behavior

Odd behaviors could be an indication that your server is compromised or simply too outdated to handle the needs of your business. While both these issues exhibit different warnings signs, they lead to the same outcome: loss of data and productivity.

A server exhibiting slow speeds and requiring constant reboots is a clear sign that it is nearing the end of its life cycle. These issues hurt the productivity of your staff and could lead to permanent data loss due to data transfer bottlenecks. By replacing your server, you will not only mitigate server failure concerns, but you will also have happier employees who no longer have to deal with the problems associated with slow speeds (for example, slow program load times).

Additionally, if you come across encrypted files on your server that should not be or they start requiring a different password, it is possible your server was subjected to a ransomware attack or another type of virus. Outdated hardware is often the target for this type of attack because vulnerabilities are not patched. Hackers realize this and specifically target these servers because they are the path of least resistance.

3. It’s Getting Slower

As mentioned above, one of the most obvious signs of an aging server is slow speeds (that are getting slower). As software upgrades and patches are applied, they may bog down your server. A server that is 5-10 years old may not have the resources to handle software, or even updates, written for a modern server.

Hard drives that store your data in servers may slow down due to normal wear and tear. While this could just be occurring due to the age of your server, it could also be a sign of a serious problem.

Why it Matters

When it comes to server upgrades, being proactive rather than reactive will save you time, money and ensure you never leave your clients without support. By planning ahead, you can get your new server installed during downtime so your team isn’t interrupted. Additionally, instead of scrambling to migrate your existing data to the new server, a plan can be put into place so it happens smoothly and nothing gets missed. If your server fails before a replacement is ready, you risk losing everything.

Other benefits include:

  • Better security
  • Longer lasting hardware
  • Faster response time
  • More storage space
  • A new warranty

With these benefits comes increased productivity, smoother interface, and a more reliable experience.

The Time Is Now

We realize that an upgraded server is a sizeable investment, which is why we work directly with our clients to find them a server that meets their needs with zero non-essential extras. Not only will you get the right server, but also an efficient installation that ensures your team is not interrupted and all your data is fully transferred and secured.

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to upgrading your server? Talk to the team at OAC for a FREE server consultation.

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