Cloud Backup
in Minneapolis, MN

OAC Technology in Minneapolis offers cloud backup services / solutions. To learn how we can help your Twin Cities business, contact us online or call 952-548-5558.

Why consider our cloud backup services in Minneapolis?

  • We offer nightly offsite backups to the cloud. We safeguard data against fire, flooding, theft, and much more.
  • We offer secure solutions. Your data is kept private. Unlike many cloud backup providers, We do not share data with anyone.
  • We can backup servers, desktop & laptop repair while in the office or remotely.

Cloud backup refers to a data storage strategy designed using a third-party server offsite. This method involves sending a copy of your organization's data over a public or proprietary network to a server hosted by a third-party vendor at a separate site. These providers charge a fee based on the size, amount of users and bandwidth being used to store that data. Though there is a usage fee, online storage plans often provide cost savings to small businesses.

Normally an online backup system is designed through software that operates on a schedule determined by the degree of service the customer organization has purchased. A common backup plan is based on a daily schedule. Every 24 hours, the software application collects, encrypts, compresses and transfers data from the customer's computers to the offsite servers. Incremental backups are sometimes used after the initial full backup in order to reduce the amount of time and band with used in order to complete the file transfer.

These third party online backup systems have seen an increase in popularity recently, especially in small business settings. There is no need for onsite hardware and backups and the systems can run after business hours so there is no interference or need for support staff. Because so much of the backup process is run automatically or on third party servers, small business can see a great increase in cost savings.

Cloud backup services are best used for store archives and non-critical data. There are physical limits to how much data can be moved over a network at one time, so for any data critical to daily operations, traditional storage onsite is a better option. Occasionally, if large amounts of data needs recovery, they may have to be shipped on tapes or other storage media.

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