Web Hosting in Minneapolis, MN

We offer Linux servers & Windows web hosting services. We have Wordpress environments on our hosted servers as well.

There are basic steps one must follow when setting up a traditional business. First, establishing a name for the company, then finding an appropriate commercial space and finally, moving in and decorating.

In concept, web hosting is quite similar. An interested registrant chooses a domain name, then leases space on a server and finally uploads the website of their choice. Once uploaded, anyone with an Internet connection can find their way to the site.

The server is a piece of hardware that stores data. Rented space in a server allows you to store the data associated with your website, while the domain name provides that address of your server. The process by which a domain name directs computers to a specific server is called "delegation."

Once a web browser has reached a specific server via the domain name, the server begins to "serve" files to the browser, enabling it to display a web page. A web host manages the various parts of the server in the same way that a landlord manages a rental property.

The web host determines the features of the server, but not all servers are created equally and features can vary widely. The most basic web hosting services may offer server space and nothing more, while others might offer some technical support. More advanced services will offer support for scripting, extended database storage and even email services.

Working with reliable web hosting solutions that OAC Technology offers will improve the user experience for any clients visiting your web page. An experienced web host will be able to anticipate and correct any back end issues before they degrade service on the front end. They can provide technical support twenty-four hours a day. They will be able to determine your organization's goals and create a service plan that allows you to achieve them.

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