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Power and secure remote support in Minneapolis

At OAC Technology, our remote support service professionals will diagnose problems and find/implement the best solutions for your data, hardware and / or software problems. Remote Support offers a quick response to your IT problems.

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At OAC Technology, our remote support service professionals will diagnose problems and find/implement the best solutions for your data, hardware and software problems.

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Discover the benefits of our remote support services

Outsourcing your IT needs is often less expensive than maintaining an IT department, particularly as a small business.

It can be extremely costly to maintain on payroll a staff of experts with sufficiently diverse skills and knowledge to meet all your needs. The ROI of an in-house IT department might render an IT department impractical and inefficient.

We do not want to waste time or resources so in most cases we can fix whatever problems you’re experiencing using the Internet. We provide virtual IT support for your company by logging into your computer through the Internet, fixing your problems in minutes as opposed to hours. We won’t take up your entire day fixing the problems you’re experiencing.

Your business is unique, and so is ours. No Minnesota organization can match the reliability and protection that we offer. When you work with OAC Technology, you have the support of the most skilled team of IT professionals in the Twin Cities.

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Take advantage of our remote support services in Minneapolis

Our remote support services reduce the amount of time required to resolve a computer issue significantly. The entire process of diagnosing and dealing with tech problems is much more efficient using remote support. Addressing these problems over the phone while attempting to understand what is occurring based on verbal descriptions can result in many issues not being resolved.

Each separate solution to a problem can be simplified by providing our remote support professionals direct access to the machine that is causing problems. Nothing hinders productivity like malfunctioning technology. The faster we can help your staff and resolve the problem, the more benefits your company will experience.

Nearly every computer problem can be fixed – and many additional tasks can be accomplished – using remote tech support. Malware removal, server support, the installation of software and computer upgrades are often managed remotely. Even procedures that need a reboot can be completed, as a remote technician can reconnect once the technology restarts.

OAC Technology has offered remote support services in the Minneapolis area since 2000. If you would like to learn how we might help your business via remote support, contact us online or call 952-548-5558

It’s time to find out just how good IT really can be.

And it won’t cost you a dime.

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