Private Cloud Services
in Minneapolis, MN

With OAC Technology's private cloud services in MN, you have more freedom to tailor, integrate and manage your business. For a consultation, please contact us online or call 952-548-5558.

Today's business environment requires successful organizations to have a web presence and conduct communications and transactions online. Web hosting is the key to securing a reliable online platform and the private cloud is a great way to host your company online.

What are the benefits of private cloud services?

In the private cloud, a client organization is assigned their own network, a private server and dedicated hardware. This way, the entire cloud platform is used by a single client. Regardless of size, many businesses are migrating to this type of platform because of the numerous benefits and cost-saving features.

If your business signs on to the private cloud, every piece of equipment can be specifically configured to meet the needs of your organization. This way, your goals are optimized, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. You will never have to pay for features that you do not use or need.

By employing our private cloud services, you will have a dedicated support staff available constantly. Our technicians will be able to manage all of the hardware and software, reducing any connection problems and fixing small issues before they become major repairs. This constant monitoring gives your website the flexibility it needs to handle varying amounts of traffic and reduce any lag time if there is a sudden surge in visitors.

Minneapolis clients using a private cloud service have access to essential resources almost instantaneously. Software applications will monitor your server, memory, storage space and bandwidth, allocating more resources when and where they are needed.

Protection is guaranteed with private cloud computing. Even in the event of a server crash, data simply migrates to another server, ensuring no data loss. The private cloud can be backed up frequently and quickly. Software applications are also equipped with the latest security features and can satisfy SOX, HIPAA and PCI standards.

Because the resources of your private cloud are tailored to your specific business needs, you will experience significant cost savings. Service is usually based on a monthly fee that is a fracture of the cost it would take to purchase the necessary hardware and software to host your network onsite. Additionally, you will no longer need to hire a support staff to maintain this expensive equipment.

All of these reasons are why so many business are moving to private clouds. Whether you are a major corporation or a small family business, the benefits are the same. Speak to our IT consultants to learn what our private cloud services can do for your Minnesota business today!

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