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Premium Network Support service in the Twin Cities

If you are looking for the best possible Minneapolis network support, you have come to the right place! Our services now include:

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If your company has financial information on their computers, handles credit cards, or would be burdened if a hacker took over their computers, we are the Minneapolis network support team that can provide more “intelligent” firewalls that analyze the data coming in and out of your network. We use Cisco, SonicWall, Fortigate, and can support many others, depending on your needs.

Are you curious about the network support services offered by OAC Technology but are not ready to commit? No problem. We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss your firewall and network security needs at no cost.

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If you have a laptop, you know how easy and convenient it is to jump onto a wireless network without having to plug in any troublesome cables to your laptop.

OAC Technology can add wireless access to your existing network, allowing laptop users in your company to connect to the network with the ease and freedom of wireless networking.

Make sure your wireless is set up properly! Just because you have a password on your wireless device, DOES NOT mean it is secure. A wireless device that is not secure, can open your entire network up for intruders that can steal your data or even your identity!

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Network Security

Don’t become a victim of hackers who want to break into your network to steal sensitive company data, or to use your company’s systems as a proxy for launching attacks on larger networks.

Both scenarios happen daily. We can help your company secure your network.

We offer network security solutions to protect your business from the common threats of malware, to sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks.

Have us audit your network and made recommendations to improve your network’s performance and security today.

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Remote Support Access

Allowing remote access to work computers and server files can help any organization work more efficiently. Our Remote Access Solutions offer a selection of options, so you can choose the best system for your business.

If your company has more than one location ,virtual private networking between sites allows employees to access files, printers , and databases across sites as if they were working together in one building.

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