Network Security in Minneapolis

Network Security in Minneapolis

OAC Technology's Minneapolis network security / computer data security services will protect your Twin Cities business from current and future threats.

Network security is one of the top concerns for Minnesota businesses. Part of an efficient network security plan is to prepare for possible attacks. By knowing how your system can be infiltrated by hackers and intruders, you can better understand the appropriate solution to prevent future IT disasters.

Types Of Network Security Attacks

Your networks can be breached in different ways. That is why it is worthwhile to know where these attacks come from and how they occur.

  • Password attacks. These attacks involve cracking user passwords or equipment. Such attacks are considered to be one of the most harmful. Once the user's password has been compromised, it is possible that the entire network could become damaged. That is why it is important to use strong and fresh passwords.
  • Structured attacks. These attacks are performed by seasoned hackers. Once a hacker acquires adequate information about a person or company, it is easy for them to develop a hacking tool that can breach security. These hackers have a solid understanding of the network and other related technical aspects.
  • Unstructured attacks are usually done by amateur hackers. The culprits do not usually understand the environment they are trying to infiltrate and they usually make use only of specific hacking tools available online. However, they can be successful in accessing your company's network.
  • Eavesdropping attacks. Communications sent over the Internet are often unencrypted and traffic is highly susceptible to attacks. Sniffing or snooping tools are often used to access information sent over your network. Wireless networks are extremely vulnerable to this type of attack.
  • IP address spoofing attacks When this attack occurs, network packets are modified by hackers to make them seem like legitimate traffic that a recipient network is receiving.
  • Social engineering attacks undermine security by taking advantage of a person's credibility. Vital details are often gained directly from the victims. Hackers will send fraudulent emails or make false calls to the victim posing as someone else. This attack is often accomplished by using phishing methods.

Safeguard your network IT infrastructure from mistakes, hardware & software failure, disasters and hackers with a OAC Technology's dependable network security solutions. Learn more by calling us today at 952-548-5558.

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