Microsoft Cloud Services
in Minneapolis, MN

OAC Technology offers professional Microsoft cloud services for businesses in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN region.

Are you looking to provide better customer service and increase the efficiency of your Twin Cities company? Microsoft Office 365 might just be the tool you have been waiting for. With Office 365, you have the ability to remain competitive in today's global economy, access business resources, industry news and your personal and business contacts instantly and participate in meetings from wherever you are around the globe.

Getting started with Office 365 is as easy as creating an email account and as convenient as having your own portable secretary. Once you have accessed your portal, your company's information will automatically sync to the cloud, allowing for a smooth and effortless change, transition or transmission of data and you can conduct business effortlessly with your international and Canadian partners.

Microsoft Office 365 offers a variety of packages that are suitable to your unique business model and that meet all of your company's needs. Our experts can help guide you through the implementation process via 360 Visibility and cloud computing technology allows you the flexibility you need to successful run your business, while keeping down costs on unnecessary capitol expenses, like assets, inventory and additional software programs.

In addition, Office 365 can help protect you and your business with spam and virus protection software. Plus, additional programs like patch management, software deployment and our optional Windows 8 upgrade helps you stay up-to-date by tracking inventory and hardware. The program even allows you to manage such accounts from your mobile device or portable laptop. It is that convenient.

Whether you are looking for a more efficient tracking system, access to your accounts, customers and partners from virtually anywhere, the ability to meet with your employees from any location, or a safe file for your business resources, Microsoft Office 365 is just the program for you.

If you are interested in our Microsoft cloud services, contact us today either online or by calling 952-548-5558.

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