Why Should I Care About Computer Security?

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As a small business, have you ever wondered why you should care about computer security? Why would it matter–you don’t have anything on your computers that anyone would want, right?

Although you may not think of your business’s computers or network as valuable to a hacker or other intruders, that’s far from the case… Have you ever entered your email password into work computer? If the computer were compromised, your password would be compromised as well. Would you allow anyone who walked into your office to view your financial information? If you don’t take a proactive approach to computer and network security, that’s essentially what you would be doing.

A lot of times, hackers and intruders may not care about you or your business specifically. They may just want access to your network to use as a cover for other illegal activities. Even if you’ve never entered any information on your business computer, an intruder could illegally use your computer and network to send forged emails (i.e., SPAM!) from your computer or attack other systems, such as banks or governments. And that’s something we’re guessing you really don’t want to be liable for or involved with.

Even if you manage the security at your business yourself, you may not be as protected as you may think. Hackers are always looking for and discovering new vulnerabilities–new ways to attack your computer and network. When these vulnerabilities are found, software vendors typically develop patches to fix the problem, which means you have to always stay up-to-date on whether every bit of software on your system is fully patched and secured. And on top of that, some software require changes to their settings in order to be fully secure!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to computer and network security, Minneapolis-based OAC Technology can help. We offer free IT Security Audits to businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, whether you are a client of ours or not. The information gathered in the security audit is kept confidential, and is used to deliver you a report of your network’s security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We can then make recommendations on how to better secure your network from intruders, hackers, former employees, and even competitors. Set up your free Security Audit today!

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