Why is My Computer So Slow?


Why is my Computer so slow

It’s inevitable. It starts simple enough.  Your once trusty computer begins to take just a little bit longer to get simple tasks done, your email takes a couple of extra seconds to load. Eventually it becomes slower and slower until it becomes intolerable. That computer that you paid good money for not so long ago has become so slow it’s driving you crazy, and don’t even think about multitasking.

So Why is My Computer So Slow?

There are a handful of reasons that your computer has slowed down over the years. Below are just a few of the main reasons that many computers come to a screeching halt.

Your Computer Is Too Crowded

Remember all of those programs you installed over the last year? Don’t worry, neither do I! Most of the programs on a computer simply don’t get used and end up taking up space and crowding your computer. Most people use less than 10 programs on their computer but have over 50 installed (I have over 75!). Each program is trying to take up valuable resources on your computer and thus slowing your computer down.

You’re Running Too Many Programs At Once

You may think that running all 10 of those programs you regularly use all at the same time should be no big deal for your supercomputer. The truth is that as our computers get more memory so do our programs take up more and more memory. Try to limit your multitasking to 3 programs at a time and you should be ok.

Your Computer is Running Useless Programs in the Background

Many people don’t realize that their computer is actually running 10 or more programs at any time and more of them are completely un-necessary. Check out our 10 Slow Computer Fixes article to see how you can fix this on your PC.

Your Hard Drive May Be Fragmented

A hard drive becomes fragmented when many different programs have been installed and deleted over time leaving spaces on your hard drive and lowering the overall efficiency of your hard drive. De-Fragmenting Your Hard Drive is a very easy process that anyone can do.

Your Computer Could Be Full Of Mal-ware, Viruses and Spy-ware

Many un-wanted items attach themselves to your computer when surfing the internet, checking email and installing programs. Many people think that if they don’ visit trashy sites they won’t run into these problems, this is only kind of true. Your odds of keeping your computer are greatly increased when sticking only to trusted websites, programs and emails but everyone eventually runs into something that can slow down their computer or even cause a complete crash.


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