Why do you get so much junk email?

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We’ve all seen it… You just set up a new email account, and all of a sudden you start receiving SPAM. Or you’ve had the same email account for a few years and you dread having to visit the inbox because you know you’ll have to wade through all the junk to just to find actual email.

How do you get so much junk email? Why does it seem like you’re on every SPAM list? Even if you’ve never shared your address, you’re still getting it. Where does it come from?

Spammers are pretty tenacious when it comes to finding email addresses. They spend their time coming up with ways to harvest large numbers of email addresses, and they’re pretty good at it. Here are just a few of the ways they do it…

First, they create bots (automated programs) designed to scour the internet for visible email addresses. If your email address is publicly listed on any website anywhere, chances are they’ll find you. So when you post comments or add your name to an online directory, make sure your email address isn’t viewable on the page.

Note: If you’ve registered a domain name, be sure to add Privacy Protection to it. Otherwise, your email and mailing addresses are visible and vulnerable.

Another way spammers get your email address is with bots that generate email addresses using common names, characters and domain names. If your email address is something simple, like bob@hotmail.com, chances are they guessed your email address and added it to their stockpile.

Spammers also use viruses and malware to sniff out email addresses from address books on infected computers. Even if your computer is clean and protected, your coworker down the hall with an outdated antivirus may be sharing your email address on your behalf.

All that said, spammers will find a way to find your email address. It’s only a matter of time. Other than doing your best to keep your email address off of public websites, you need help in the form of Virus Protection and SPAM Filters. A lot of programs and services offer automatic protection, but they’re not tailored to your business’s needs and they aren’t always accurate, meaning you could lose important messages to your junk email folder.

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