When Should We Upgrade Our Company’s Server?

It used to be servers could easily last 10 years, and for the money spent, they should have!

Today, technology changes so fast, it doesn’t matter what you buy. Software requirements change so quickly, it’s hard to keep your hardware current. Still, that doesn’t mean you need to replace your servers every year.

So when should you upgrade your server? There are a number of factors that come into play.

Security – New security vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Software that was considered “secure” a year ago, may no longer be secure as hackers find new ways of breaking into systems to steal data or use your server as a proxy for attacking other servers or sending junk mail. Software updates may help, but frequently, old software just isn’t as secure as new software – even with updates.

If your server hosts sensitive information, it may be wise to make sure your servers are running a recent version of their operating system.

Hardware Failure / Stability – As costs of equipment come down, so does the life expectancy. Almost all hardware will quit working eventually. It is far less money to transfer your software and data from a server that is working than a server that has died. Migrations from a working server can be better planned than migrations from a server that has died.

Speed – If employees have to wait for your systems to respond, productivity is lost. Frequently we upgrade servers for our clients and they tell us it feels like they just bought everyone a new computer it is so fast. Slow speeds may also be an indication of hardware that may be failing.

If you question the security, stability, or speed of your systems and would like a technician to look it over. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to send a qualified technician out free of charge and have them look over your server and make a recommendation.

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