What is the Best Antivirus Option for Your Business?

There are dozens of anti-virus software programs available. The primary purpose of anti-virus programs is remove viruses and malware from your computer and prevent them from spreading. Over the years, virus technology has grown more sophisticated. Consequently, it has improved significantly.

Things to Consider When Choosing an anti-virus Option For Your Company

‘Free’ is Often a Poor Option

Some things are better left with a price tag. When it comes to anti-virus technology, you often get what you pay for. Although free anti-virus software from companies like AVG and AVAST are very popular, they are not your most reliable options. Some tend to act like spyware, collecting and analyzing data in your computer. Be cautious when considering a free anti-virus program.

Although some anti-virus programs are fairly inexpensive, they may not be your best option. Nod32, for example, offer business protection from malware while you are online. The interface is very simple to use, however, its range of coverage will not be ideal for every business owner.

Corporations and Enterprises

Larger businesses like corporations and enterprises will require more reliable protection. A reliable corporate anti-virus program is Symantec Endpoint, an anti-virus program that provides server and workstation protection against malware in centrally-managed corporate offices. It includes several features, including firewall protection.

Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

Smaller businesses still need reliable malware protection as well. We recommend Trend Micro. As one of our partners, Trend Micro offers malware security for small- and medium-sized businesses (including server, cloud, and virtualization security).

First Line of Defense

We at OAC Technology can install and maintain perimeter anti-virus protection of firewalls. The trick is to conduct anti-virus filtering before malicious software can reach and infect your computer. Although anti-virus software is essential for your computer, it should be the last line of defense against an infection. Before you install a program on your computers and servers, we can help you take the following steps against malware and greyware:

  • Email & spam filtering Turn on spam filtering on your email provider. You can install separate filtering programs on your computer, or use those that are built into your email provider. Most email programs today have automatic spam filtering.
  • Properly configure firewalls You need to properly configure your firewall. Correctly setting up a firewall takes time. Failing to set up a firewall leaves your computer susceptible to infection.
  • Unified threat management Once your firewalls are all set up, it is important that you optimize them to perform multiple tasks. This process is referred to as unified threat management (UTM). It involves creating an all-purpose firewall that performs multiple security functions.
  • ‘Lock’ your computers & servers Locking down your computers and servers is an effective method of protecting them from viruses.

Are you interested in protecting your business against malware and greyware? Contact OAC Technology today by calling 952-548-5558.

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