What is a server?

If your business has grown beyond you and a handful of employees, you’ve probably realized that your business needs a better way to share data–and often, that solution means buying your first server.

There are several different types of servers, and although a server may look a lot like a regular computer, its job is very different. A desktop computer or laptop is designed for use by one user at a time, whereas a server is designed to support several users simultaneously. Some of the ways a server might be used includes hosting an email, messaging or print server, shared calendar programs, databases and other business-related applications such as accounting software or customer relationship management software.

A server can also host and share files among your employees within your network. If your employees need to access files remotely, a virtual private network (VPN) can be set up to accomplish this task. By storing your company’s files in a central location, you not only provide more efficient means for your employee to find and access the data they need, but you also increase the effectiveness of your backup process.

Choosing the right server for business depends on what services you plan to implement. If all you need is the ability to share files and to have a more reliable backup solution, you may only need a NAS or an entry-level server. If you plan on setting up a server that runs business applications such as Microsoft Exchange or a centralized accounting program, then a more robust tower or rack system may be right for you.

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