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VoIP Optimization Services

Although VoIP’s adoption rate has been increasing due to its ease-of-use and affordability, many businesses overlook the benefits of (and sometimes the need to) optimizing their network for their VoIP needs. After the initial joy of cost-savings wears off, the need for call quality becomes more important. Let’s face it… Dropped calls and garbled voices are not something you signed up for when you made the decision to transition to VoIP.

Typical network applications like email and file sharing do not require real-time network connectivity, whereas VoIP does. Without real-time access to your network’s bandwidth, VoIP quickly begins to degrade. Thus the need to optimize your network in order to give VoIP traffic priority over other services. Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring and traffic shaping are ways that your IT administrator can make sure VoIP does not suffer at the hands of an employee’s YouTube or iTunes habit.

Network optimization can only do so much for VoIP. Your company’s internet connection (i.e., its bandwidth) can only support a certain number of simultaneous VoIP calls. It is important when selecting an ISP that you choose a plan that can handle your needs with room to spare. Have your IT administrator help you calculate your current call volume and how that translates to bandwidth usage. Also have them do the same with consideration to future growth. If you are at capacity before getting started, you will have no room to grow.

If your company is looking to reduce costs without sacrificing call quality, your network may benefit from VoIP optimization. Minneapolis-based OAC Technology has been helping small- to medium-sized businesses save on telephony bills for 10 years. We can help your technology meet your business needs while maximizing your IT dollars at the same time. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will review your telephone bills and make recommendations on ways to save without sacrificing reliability or function.

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