Protecting Your Privacy Online


We recently discussed just how public your online privacy actually is. If online privacy is a concern in your business, it may have been a bit of a wake-up call. While there is really no way to be completely anonymous while still using the internet in a practical way, there are a few things your company can do address certain concerns.

A great place to start is by setting up a VPN for all out-of-the-office connections using company devices. For added security, your company can set up an additional VPN tunnel to a server in a different area of the country or world to filter internet traffic through.

Another big help in the fight for privacy is the use of certain browser extensions that help take a load off. Plugins like NoScript and Adblock Plus help do some of the privacy protection work for you. And if you are interested in seeing what is being tracked when you visit a particular site, use Ghostery. Warning: You may be shocked at the results.

This next suggestion may not be practical, so take it for what it is. Stop using Google. Yes, you read that right. Google’s business is not really to provide you with search results and free email… Its business is collecting and analyzing your browsing habits in order to sell that information to advertisers. In other words, the reason so many of Google’s services are free is because they are monitoring your use of those services to sell more ads. While it may not be practical to stop using Google completely, you should take some time to become familiar with their Privacy Policy.

Be aware that anonymity tools, such as Tor, are often confused with privacy protection tools. These tools are meant to keep your IP address (and thus your online identity) anonymous, but that doesn’t stop the tracking many sites do via their plugin by using cookies.

Of course, the easiest-to-manage solution is to hire an IT team that can closely monitor new security trends and how they could affect your business. A team that will use their expertise to help you sort out the important privacy concerns from the mundane. OAC Technology, a Minneapolis-based IT company, can help you lock down and maintain your Network Security. We can scan your network and make personalized recommendations for your business based on what we find. Contact us today to set up a free Network Security Audit.

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