Password Protection & Recovery

You use your online passwords so often that doing so becomes second nature. It is no surprise that getting an ‘access denied’ alert flashing on your screen is cause for frustration. Forgetting your password is one thing. A stolen password is another and a much more serious situation. That is why password protection is such an important part of IT/tech support. We at OAC Technology appreciate the importance of network security.

Password Protection and Recovery

OAC Technology can help you recover or reset your password on a wide range of devices, including:

  • Computers. Perhaps the one place you are most likely to have a password(s) saved is your home or work computer. Computers are essential for saving data and carrying out business. Losing access to your computer is therefore a serious issue. OAC Technology can recover your computer password on operating systems from Microsoft Windows XP to Linux and Apple.
  • Servers. Recovering or changing a password on your server is a relatively simple procedure. The impact of a changed password, however, can be extensive and serious. Changing a domain admin password or a local admin password can cause the servers using that password to stop working or break. Going into the system to check for changes like these is an extensive process. Fortunately, we can take care of that for you. We work with a wide selection of servers, including Windows, Linux, and Apple.
  • Network Equipment. There is nothing worse than being locked out of your own network. Today most of us rely on a reliable WiFi connection to conduct business, communicate with family and friends, and schedule our personal and professional lives. Being locked out of your network is a serious problem. We work with network equipment – including routers, switches, and more – to help regain access to your information.
  • Applications App passwords give your applications permission to access additional information you may have stored in places like your Gmail account. This allows you to access important data from applications like Quickbooks, Adobe PDF, Zip Files, and Microsoft SQL servers. Protecting this information is one of our highest priorities when it comes to keeping you and your business safe.
  • Web Development Web development platforms like WordPress and SquareSpace contain information that is vital to the success of your business. A lost or stolen password in the wrong hands can wreak havoc on your company website and in your client relations, threatening the stability of your business. OAC Technology offers password protection for a number of web development platforms. We can help you maintain the security of your company website.

OAC Technology prides itself on its ability to protect your information and keep your business safe. In most instances, there will be no charge if we cannot recover your password. Contact us today by calling 952-548-5558.

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