Verizon Now Providing Businesses Access to Oracle’s Cloud

It was announced this week that Verizon is offering Oracle Cloud to its commercial clients. Business customers with Verizon now have direct access to Oracle Cloud via its Cloud Interconnect services line, as reported by Fierce Telecom. As a result, businesses can now readily transition on their own time. Offering Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect for Oracle FastConnect allows customers to connect to Oracle Cloud in the United States and Europe.

Verizon is Offering Oracle Cloud to Business Customers

Oracle customers now receive local connectivity from Verizon. Access to in-region connectivity reduces inactivity and improves the quality of service. In addition, new SDN capabilities help businesses maintain more control over their cloud environments. These include consumption-based bandwidth, controlled application performance, and more, all provided by Verizon’s Dynamic Network Manager.

How can this move benefit larger enterprises?

Larger enterprises are only beginning to adopt clouds to provide IT services. However, a recent study conducted by Verizon and Turbonomic shows that 70 percent of those surveyed plan to adopt cloud services within the next 3 years. Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect supports Oracle’s Fast Connect services. Fast Connect allows customers to establish secure high-speed connections between the cloud computing resources and their existing IT infrastructure. As a result, customers get access to consistent network performance and hybrid cloud deployment options.

Verizon now offers access to nine cloud providers in over 20 locations across the globe. In addition to Oracle, Verizon offers access to other cloud services like Amazon Web, Google Cloud Platform, and HPE Rapid Connect. Furthermore, business customers with Verizon can access Secure Cloud Interconnect via 4G LTE service or a wireline Private IP connection.

Verizon’s SDN vision

Verizon is currently implementing software-defined networking (SDN) throughout its networks to improve service. It announced its new SDN plan in April 2015. The Oracle pact is another step towards this vision. Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper Networks and Nokia were all employed by Verizon to assist with their developing SDN plan.

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