Is Windows 8 right for your business?

With Windows 8 Release Preview out now and the full version due out in October, you may already have heard or seen some of the buzz around Microsoft’s newest operating system. One of the questions we inevitably get asked by business owners whenever a new OS is released is, “Should we upgrade or should we wait?” The answer to which is much more complex than a simple “Yes” or “No.”

While there’s still a lot of time before Windows 8 (also called “Metro”) is released, Microsoft has done a good job of giving the public a taste of their newest OS. The tagline is “Windows reimagined,” so you can guess at how different it will be.

Windows Reimagined

The Windows 8 interface has been rebuilt from the ground up to bridge the gap between tablets and traditional desktop computers. This includes a new desktop, the new Start screen and seamless integration between touchscreen, keyboard and mouse.


Microsoft has deeply integrated Windows 8 with the cloud, which allows for maximum connectivity to your documents and settings on any Windows 8 device. When you sign in to a Windows 8 device with a your new Microsoft account, you’re immediately connected to your contacts, files and settings. You’ll also have immediate access to your themes and browser history and favorites.

Built-In Apps

In Windows 8, apps work together so you can share information between them and streamline your work. For example, the Photo and Mail apps are connected, so you can email a photo with one click from either app. Also, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Calendar and Messaging apps are all connected to services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Windows Store

If you’ve used Google Play or Apple App Store, you’re already familiar with how Windows Store works. You can download your apps to whichever Windows 8 device you’re currently using, making software installation much less dependent on a particular computer.

Windows 8 for Business

Windows 8 is built on the rock-solid foundation of Windows 7 with improvements in speed, reliability, security and IT administration. It will also work seamlessly with an existing Windows infrastructure, saving time and IT costs. Windows 8 is ideal for businesses because it provides a productive environment for users and enterprise-grade capabilities that IT departments need.

Is it right for you?

Before making any decision about the state of your business’s IT infrastructure, we at Minneapolis-based OAC Technology recommend that you confer with an IT professional to make sure you’re making a decision that’s right for your business. We offer IT and Network Support to small- and medium-sized businesses with one goal in mind: Make IT work.

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