How to Secure Your Wireless Network

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Have you ever been looking for a wireless network to connect to and instead of seeing just your business’s network, you found a whole list of different WIFI networks near you? Have you ever connected to someone else’s unprotected WIFI without them knowing it? Whether you know it or not, if you haven’t secured your wireless network, you’re inviting unwanted guests (and hackers) into your network.

Follow these quick steps to lock down your wireless network:

1. Change your router’s admin password.

This is something that few people do, yet it’s one of the easiest ways to keep unwanted guests out of your network. Every router has a default admin password that allows you change its settings, including who it allows to visit your network. And as we discussed in an earlier post, a strong password is an essential part of protecting your data. If you don’t know what your router’s default password is, try looking it up on

2. Change your WIFI network’s SSID.

As long as you’re logged into the admin area of your router, change the name of your WIFI network (the SSID) from the default name if you haven’t already. Using a default SSID can be a signal to hackers that your network is an easy one to target.

3. Change and encrypt your WIFI network’s password.

Here’s another easy one. First, change your WIFI password to something that is memorable, yet hard to guess. Refer to our post about choosing a strong password if you need help coming up with one.

Next, make sure the authentication method for your router is set to “WPA2 Personal.” If your router is older and doesn’t list WPA2 as an option, then use “WPA Personal” as a second choice. By setting an authentication method, you’re telling your router to use encryption whenever it handles the WIFI password (i.e., every time a computer connects to it).

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While those three steps will help you set up the first line of defense, they’re by no means a comprehensive plan to locking down your wireless network. You’ll also want to do things such as MAC filtering, adding a firewall, disabling remote access to your router, keeping up to date on vulnerabilities and more.

OAC Technology, a Minneapolis-based IT company, can help you lock down and maintain your Network Security. We can scan your network and make personalized recommendations for your business based on what we find. Contact us today to set up a free Network Security Audit.

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