Why would someone want to hack your company?

We’ve heard small-business owners ask time and time again, “Why would I need to be concerned about security? There’s nothing valuable on my servers, so why would anyone want to hack it?” This question comes from a lack of knowledge about why hackers do what they do and the ramifications it could have on your company’s bottom line.

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First, if your server hasn’t been targeted yet, it really is only a matter of time before it is. And when you find out your company is under attack, you’ll also find out whether or not the IT security you have in place is sufficient.

Here are a few reasons why your company might be a target for potential hackers:

  • Stealing User Information
    This is one of the most publicized targets for hackers. For a lot of hackers, information is currency, so any information (particularly personal information) they can glean from your server is valuable. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a name or email address could leave your company liable for Privacy Act violations.
  • Virtual Vandalism
    There may come a time that a competitor, irate customer or virtual vandal might want to embarrass your business. Even if your company has never personally offended anyone, it could be a target just because it’s not locked down. Many hackers use successful hacks to boost their credibility, and you don’t want your company on their resume.
  • Hosting Illegal Content or Enabling Illegal Activities
    Often, a hacker will keep the breech of your server quiet so that they can use it to further their other illegal activities. Once hackers have access to your server, they can do virtually anything they want with it. That includes things like hosting and serving illegal content or using it in a botnet to hack other sites. Again, not something you’d want your company to be liable for.

There are many more reasons why someone would want to hack your company’s servers, but hopefully we got the point across. Just like you wouldn’t want someone snooping around your office at night, you don’t want hackers inside your network.

At OAC Technology, we offer businesses in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area one free security audit per year, whether you are a client of ours or not. The information gathered in the security audit is kept confidential and is used to deliver you a report of your network’s security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We can then make recommendations on how to better secure your network from intruders, hackers, former employees and even competitors. Contact us today to set up your free security audit.

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