What Are The Dangers of an Outdated Firewall?

Firewalls are components of a computer network or system that prevents unauthorized system access while permitting outbound communication. A firewall does this by inspecting data going into and out of the computer system to ensure it meets predefined security standards. With time, a firewall will become obsolete and their efficiency diminishes.

The dangers of an outdated firewall include:

Increased Insecurity 

Outdated firewalls can allow various security threats to impact the computer system, such as hacking (unauthorized access by third parties), introduction of malware and phishing. This has the obvious impact of compromising the quality of the data that is being handled by the system, resulting in identity thefts and a loss of confidence in the organization.

Inability to Utilize New Features 

New software applications are produced and released into the market every quite often. Outdated firewalls definitely lack the ability to cope with this new software, a fact that impacts negatively on their ability to effectively secure and safeguard computer systems and networks wherein they are installed.


A crash is a situation whereby the computer program, system, software or network abruptly ceases to function properly. Crashes are often caused by a failure to maintain the firewall. A firewall should undergo regular software upgrades and virus scans. Crashes render the entire computer system useless.

Diminished Productivity 

The primary responsibility of firewalls is to inspect the data that flows into and out of the computer systems and networks. Obsolete firewalls lose their vigor and the vitality. This slows down the movement of data into and out of the system considerably. This results in diminished productivity in the workplace that uses the system.


The dangers of using an outdated firewall are extreme. It is imperative that your firewall is kept in the very best shape and condition at all times. The task of upgrading and maintaining a firewall is best assigned to a professional information technology (IT) company such as OAC Technology. Contact us to learn more.

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