Real World Cost of Slow Computers and Poor IT Support

Real Cost of a Slow ComputerMany people deal with the problem of a slow computer, a computer that takes 2-5 minutes to start, freezes up during any kind of multi-tasking session or just takes way too long to load simple programs.

As a business owner you may have thought that replacing or fixing these slow computers was just too expensive and is not current high priority on your list. What I want to do here with you today is to simply break down what the real cost is to an employer (or self-employed) of a slow computer, or slow technology for that matter.

For this article we are going to be making a handful of general assumptions that most people would probably agree are on the safe side. IF you would like a technology audit for your company make sure to Contact OAC Technology and we would be happy to help you out.

  • First we are going to say the average worker loses 20 minutes a day due to slow technology (some lose a LOT more!).
  • The average American worker works 250 days a year (52 weeks – 2 weeks’ vacation).
  • The average American company loses 20 hours of billable time PER EMPLOYEE due to IT failures.

If you take these simple equations, the average worker loses 103.3 hours of work in a years’ time! That is more than they get for vacation.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics American earn an average of $23.38 an hour. Take that an employee costs an employer an extra 25% for taxes and benefits and you have an average hourly cost of $29.22!

Take this hourly rate times 103.3 lost hours during the course of a year and you have a staggering loss of $3019 PER WORKER!

This number is absolutely shocking to most people. The good news is that this number can be nearly eliminated with the help of a good IT company or service.

Some things that can be done to speed up your computer:

1)      Have your IT provider perform upgrades on your computer system such as increased ram, solid state hard drives, quality anti-virus protection & much more.

2)      Use an IT provider who can give your company remote and on site IT support.

3)      Upgrade your software and computer systems regularly to ensure maximum performance.

And the best step that you can take to make sure that you are not loosing thousands of dollars a year to slow technology is to call the Minnesota IT consulting professionals at OAC Technology and have us perform a free technology audit for your company. We will be able to tell you where you are losing time and money and how performance can be improved.

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