3 Ways to Boost Network Security at No Cost

Ensuring adequate network security has become essential, not only for big businesses, but for small and medium-sized businesses. Although the most effective way to ensure optimal network security is to employ a dedicated professional network security team and use the latest network protection software, there are free but effective ways to boost your network security. How can you enhance your network security for free?

Fully utilize the built-in security features. Almost all operating systems as well as software come with powerful built-in security features. Many modern operating systems also offer built-in encryption features. You can explore and use these built-in safety features to the maximum to significantly improve your network security at no additional cost. It is also recommended to use complex and long passwords for all of your user accounts and not rely on simple one-word passwords.

Administrative privileges should be highly restricted on the network and must be given only to the few key employees who truly require them.

Install free security software. Many popular powerful security tools also have stripped-down versions that offer many of the key functionalities of the paid versions at no cost. Similarly, many free and effective malware detection tools – such as Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender for Windows 8.1 – can regularly scan your system for malware and even repair the systems in case of infection. Other free security and network analysis software such as wireless encryption analysis tools and password-cracking vulnerability analysis tools can be used for analyzing the security status of your network.

Timely install software updates. As new security vulnerabilities are discovered in software and network protocols on a regular basis, software manufacturers also regularly issue updates or patches for their applications to defeat these newly discovered security threats and malware. Timely installing the latest software and operating system updates safeguards your systems against the latest discovered security threats. You can choose to either install the updates or patches manually or enable automatic update download and installation for effortless update installation for your operating systems and installed applications.

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