Benefits of Migrating from NetWare to Windows Server

Novell NetWare has been a solid choice in IT environments since the 1980’s. Unfortunately, Novell announced the end of support for NetWare in 2010, leaving many NetWare customers looking for a new IT solution.

And while it may not be the right decision for every NetWare customer, migrating to Windows Server 2012 is certainly a viable option. Migrating to Windows Server 2012 has significant benefits when compared to staying with NetWare, including web capabilities, management enhancements and Windows 7 and 8 integration, which help save time and reduce costs.

Windows Server 2012 is an advanced server operating system that is reliable for mission-critical workloads. It offers many benefits over NetWare, such as:

  • Virtualization
    Windows Server includes Microsoft’s virtualization technology Hyper-V, which was designed to enhance virtual machine management. Along with performance enhancements, Hyper-V includes the ability to add and remove storage, the ability to boot from a virtual hard disk as well as support for managing failover clusters.
  • Power Policies
    Windows Server includes a power policy that dynamically adjusts the performance of the processors to match the needs of the workload, reducing the overall power usage of the server. On top of that, Active Directory Group Policies allow admins some amount of control over the power settings of client computers, ensuring your company maximizes power savings.
  • Management
    Along with power policies, Windows Server has improved remote administration and identity management. The Active Directory Domain Services have been simplified, which increases capabilities without increasing workload for admins.
  • Scalability and Reliability
    Windows Server has been designed to support higher workloads while using less server resources. At the same time, reliability and security have been enhanced.

Windows Server 2012 may not be the right decision for every business, but for NetWare customers who choose to migrate, it is an enterprise-class operating system that Microsoft will continue to develop, innovate and provide service for.

If you’re currently using NetWare, it may be time for you to consider migrating to a new, supported solution. Minneapolis-based IT company OAC Technology has been helping businesses like yours with their IT environment for over 10 years. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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