The Benefits of Cloud Antivirus Software

The Internet has brought with it a new level of ease and convenience that we have never known before. Smartphones and tablets are now being adopted at a staggering rate, directly translating to the proliferation of these and other mobile devices at work. The line between enterprise and personal usage has become somewhat blurred, leading to an increased risk of exposing corporate data. The apps and the programs we are using are also migrating to the cloud. All of these issues mean that cloud-based web security maybe the strongest guarantee for total protection online.

Companies use cloud virus protection for their networks in order to ward off various online threats. This form of security is much more effective because it does not bog down your system like the traditional desktop antivirus software does. Here are the benefits of cloud-based antivirus products:

They reduce reliance on users. They are proactive, thereby eliminating latency between the time a security breach is discovered and when protection is availed to uses. Resources can be managed centrally and collective systems are well protected.

Each instance of the antivirus is connected to the central server in the cloud. Scanning and virus signatures updates can be done in real-time and automatically.

Because endpoint protection is now cloud-based, it becomes much easier to initiate antivirus scans as less software is involved and the updates are automated.

Cloud antivirus software is more effective than traditional antivirus options because it combines the best features to come up with stronger security. Granular and intrusion detection – as well as automatic scans and reporting – become more efficient.

Since cloud services are available on the Internet, cloud antivirus software can be accessed by any internet-enabled device anywhere at any time. This means that companies can leverage the multi-tenant cloud to get security as a service. 

Users can also subscribe seasonally, meaning that companies that are seasonal will be able to save on operational costs.
It is up to the users to determine the level of protection that they want. If you have multiple systems running collectively, then a cloud antivirus product maybe the best option for you.

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