Apple Maps Alternatives

If you’re an Apple user and upgraded your iPhone or iPad to the new iOS 6, you have probably experienced some disappointment with the new Apple Maps app. With the arrival of iOS 6, Apple announced it would move away from the tried-and-true Google Maps app and instead develop it’s own app. Unfortunately, Apple Maps has not been well received–to the point that Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote iOS 6 users an apology.

Google announced that it’s working on a standalone Google Maps app for iOS 6, but until it’s released, people have been looking for alternatives to tide them over. Here are a few that might just do the trick:

Google Maps in Safari

The obvious first option is to use Google Maps in Safari. Google’s iPhone-optimized site provides driving, walking, transit and bicycling directions, but because it’s not a true standalone app, it can’t access your iPhone’s contacts.


Waze is a map that uses crowd-generated information from its more than 25 million members. Some of the information available includes real-time traffic updates, accidents, speed traps, gas station locations and more. It’s not the sleekest app, but the wealth of information available may be worth the download.


MapQuest used to be the top dog in the world of maps until Google Maps came along. AOL has since purchased it and has been enhancing mobile features, including voice navigation. It also has turn-by-turn directions with extra context information.


Skobbler uses open-sourced map data from OpenStreetMap. With over 750,000 users contributing information, it’s a great resource for walking, hiking and biking directions.

Bing Maps

Microsoft’s Bing app might be the best all-around maps replacement for your iPhone. It doesn’t allow hands-free navigation, although it does offer driving, walking and transit directions.

Until Apple Maps improves its offering or until Google releases a new Maps app for iOS 6, give one of these options a try.

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