3 Different Types of Servers

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When it comes to setting up a server in your business, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here, we’ll cover a few different types of servers and how they could benefit your company.

Network-Attached Storage

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) in and of itself isn’t necessarily a server, but it is a great, low-cost way to share files over your company’s network. A NAS is much like an external hard drive, except that it has the ability to connect directly to your network and share files without an additional server. This is a good option when you need to quickly and easily add file storage to your infrastructure.

Tower Servers

Tower servers are the next step up from a NAS. They’re basically computers that have some sort of server software installed. Just like desktop computers, the price can vary greatly, depending on what type of hardware the server has. Depending on their configuration, tower servers can share files and host other services, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and more. Unfortunately, tower servers don’t scale very well, so if your business has rapid growth, you may want to consider a rack solution.

Rack Servers

Rack-mounted servers are designed with scalability in mind. They come in a standard width and in varying but standard heights so that they’re easily mountable in a rack, providing a lot of processor power in a small footprint. Most rack servers are highly expandable, which also means they are typically more expensive than their tower counterparts. Since rack servers are typically mounted in close proximity, they require a climate-controlled environment, which is why many companies create separate rooms to house their server racks.

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