3 Tips to Enhance The Effectiveness of Your Passwords

Many aspects of online security have become very complex with the increase in digital commerce. As cyber protection becomes more sophisticated, simple parts of your security system – like passwords – often become more complicated. Below are some points to keep in mind when you wish to increase the security of passwords in your organization.

Complexity equals strength. At this point, most people know not to choose personal information to create a password. Using your email address, your name, family names, birthdays, or addresses for a password makes it easy to guess with some basic research.

Hackers often use codes that simple try combinations of numbers and letters until a password is unlocked. That means that even difficult passwords can still be discovered. The longer and more complex your password becomes, the harder it will be to break. One common suggestion is to use at least twelve characters and a combination of letters and numbers. An example is to take a favorite tourist destination, remove the vowels and replace them with the numbers of your birth date. So “Paris, France” and a birthday of February 21 becomes: P0R2SFR2NC1. Although it might take longer to memorize, it will virtually ensure your security.

Do not reuse passwords. After designing a complex password that can easily be memorized, you should begin using it for all of your accounts. The obvious problem here is that if it does get discovered, a hacker now has access to all of your accounts across platforms. It will take time to create individual passwords for each account, but it can be well worth your time from a security standpoint.

Use a password management system. Although there is value in complex passwords, as you increase the requirements, the likelihood increases that members of your team either cannot create passwords or forget those that are created.

One solution might be to use a Single Sign-On (SSO) system that allows all applications to be accessed through one portal. These can be set up so that users gain access automatically, allowing for seamless, secure access for everyone in your organization.

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