2 Common Cloud Computing Myths

Cloud computing represents a major advancement in data storage. It effectively pools resources and allows clients to access a greater range of facilities and tools that will store and process online data in a more cost-effective manner. With research and by implementing the correct methods, cloud services can be very effective, especially for the smaller businesses where cost savings are of great importance.

There are a number of myths that have developed regarding the use of cloud-based technology. We have addressed a few of them below.

Myth #1: The Cloud is always a better fit

Cloud-based solutions can be optimal for a variety of business initiatives, as long as it is applied in the right manner. However, each case should be looked at individually. Not all of your company’s systems will naturally fit into the options that are available. It is worth spending time finding out which cloud options can be best applied to your existing IT solutions. This way, any potential problems can be flagged and dealt with.

As long as care is taken and research is applied, cloud solutions will speed up your processes and reduce business costs.

Myth #2: Cloud security is a major problem

When it comes to security, the majority of IT solutions should undergo careful monitoring. Transferring data to cloud-based services, however, does not make threat of security issues worse. If anything, it improves the situation.

For a business operating on its own systems, all security measures in place are their responsibility. By using the services of a cloud-based partner, the threat becomes a shared one. Good cloud-based operators have state-of-the-art encryption in place and can improve the security of the overall system.

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