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For the same reasons that most people have locks on their doors and alarm systems for additional safety and security, your business should utilize firewall technology. Firewalls can be the first measure of protection and security for your computer systems and networks. Firewall software generally works by generating a "checkpoint"–  or a virtual wall – to protect your network or computer from malicious attacks. Firewalls can also enforce "rules" that you designate and monitor activity on your office network.

How Firewall Software Works

When a network packet arrives at your firewall, the firewall instantaneously decides if it will allow the packet through, based on the firewall rules. If a packet attempts to break through and it does not conform to the rules, it is discarded. This is how it is able to stop attacks from entering your network or computer.

Security Benefits Of Firewall Software

Firewalls provide a level of security your computer or network would not otherwise have. Their role cannot be overstated and shouldn't be underestimated. Firewalls can prove vital to securing your data and your computer's life. Without firewalls, attackers / hackers can send malicious programs to your computer through your network, leaving you vulnerable. An installed firewall will dictate what can come through the network.

Benefits Of Firewall Logging And Monitoring

You can monitor your network traffic using firewall logging. Your firewall software will carefully monitor network traffic and create logs. In turn, these logs can be used to obtain valuable information and determine network conditions. For example, you will know what network applications are using the most data.

Firewall Software Enforcing Rules And Access

Most networks will have some level of restrictions assigned to them by its users or owners. Usually, there are policies regarding usage and data access. One example would be parents setting limits on their children's access to the Internet. Another type of restriction would be the type employed by an educational institute, where it is necessary to block students from certain information on the school's network. Employers often use firewalls to block access to certain websites on company computers.

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