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Ensure equipment is wiped clean of sensitive information

Anything that may contain data will be wiped clean, free of charge so you don’t need to worry about sensitive information getting out.

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Free computer recycling in Minneapolis

OAC Technology offers free computer recycling & repurposing of computers, servers, laptops, and network equipment for home and business equipment.

Items we accept...

computer recycling


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Routers, firewalls, etc.

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Network cables

Please note...

Equipment that is in working order will be given to a local church, charity, or will be reused in our data center. Equipment that is no longer in working order will be stripped of any useful parts, and properly recycled with one of our recycling partners in an earth friendly manner. We accept ANY size drop off, whether personal or business. Please call ahead before drop off and for directions.

What are the advantages of hardware and computer recycling?

When computers are disassembled and old parts are removed, there are numerous new parts that can be made using the rare metals retrieved. In other words, this same material can be used in manufacturing new computers that do not waste precious metals. Some metals that are recovered from the circuit board of your computer can be used to make new circuit boards, for example.

Computers and related accessories like keyboards, CDs, speakers, ink cartridges and cords contain reusable materials. These materials can help minimize the construction costs for the new systems. As you recycle, there is no need to drain more resources for manufacturing new things, which in turn signifies less pressure on energy required for manufacturing. There are companies that channel old computers into fresh cathode-ray tube-glass by recycling.

Recycling computers is an environmentally-friendly process because it prevents hazardous carcinogens from being released. Most of those older electronics were made using harmful materials such as mercury and lead. If these materials are not handled correctly, they can be harmful to human, animal and plant life.

The hardware recycling process is more energy efficient than the extracting of the raw materials. This reduces costs and leads to less pollution and less reliance on minerals that are in short supply.

It’s time to find out just how good IT really can be.

And it won’t cost you a dime.

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