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Are you in need of cloud services in Minnesota? Look no further!

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Cloud backups

Our professional team utilizes this strategy for backing up data by sending a copy of the data to an offsite server.

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Cloud monitoring solutions

Our team creates a proactive cloud by actively monitoring your modern infrastructure.

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Web hosting

Our Minneapolis data recovery services have recovered data from thousands of failed systems - get help today!

private cloud services

Private cloud solutions

Our professional team can help your business with any computer related issues - quickly and efficiently!

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Microsoft cloud services

Our professional Minneaplis team also provides 24/7 support for any laptop related issues as well!

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OAC Technology empowers your business to take advantage of cloud-based applications and solutions.

The “cloud” has come into common parlance quickly, especially in the business community. When someone talks about the cloud, they are referring to a network of servers that store data and run programs or applications.

The difference between cloud computing and the traditional on-premise model, is that in the past, you were required to own and maintain your own hardware. Now many users are able to access data and programs seamlessly online - via the cloud - enabling them the freedom from owning and maintaining their own hardware and software licenses.

Advances in technology have made transitioning your business into the cloud relatively simple and cost effective. Your organization may experience further cost savings once data and programs are available through the cloud. Because multiple devices can connect to the cloud, you will no longer have to install a separate version of each software on individual computers, nor will you have to deal with the frustration of software versioning issues.

By using cloud computing, you will no longer have servers and other hardware to purchase, maintain and eventually repair. You will no longer need to employ the support team that services this hardware. Finally, you will be able to respond to your business needs no matter where you are; whether you are at your desk or traveling with access only to your phone system. Cloud computing may reduce business costs while enabling you to provide the kind of quality service that increases your revenue.

Many email accounts, online backups, and individuals already benefit from cloud computing without even realizing it. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all run on cloud technology, for example.

What About Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps?

Both Google and Office 365 are excellent examples of business-oriented cloud-based technology. With a monthly fee, you now have access to the entire Microsoft Office Suite, a software package that used to cost companies hundreds of dollars. Now there is no longer a need for expensive desktop computers.