Cloud Monitoring
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Based in Minneapolis, MN, OAC Technology offers professional cloud monitoring services & solutions for Twin Cities businesses. Contact us today online or by calling 952-548-5558.

What Cloud Monitoring Services Do We Provide?

Our team monitors servers, networks and devices from the cloud to alert you when there are problems. This practice reduces downtime and keeps mission critical applications and services up and running.

We provide server health monitoring and will alert you when hard drives are starting to fail, disk space is running low, or critical services and-or software break. In addition, we will keep track of your Internet connection.

What is Cloud Monitoring?

Consumers today have come to expect results on-demand, especially when it comes to websites. Providing the service today's customers expect by monitoring your internal server, website and mobile applications can be a challenge. An on-site support staff can provide service during their scheduled working hours, but after their shift ends, how can you guarantee that your back end processes will be running smoothly?

Successful businesses use "cloud monitoring" to ensure that their servers and web applications stay functional, even if support staff are off the clock.

Many people are confused about what "the cloud" means and how it functions. Research has shown that while 54 percent of Americans say they have never used the cloud, in actuality 95 percent have interacted with the cloud in some capacity. This usually occurs through online services like banking or shopping.

Confusion about what constitutes "the cloud" can make business owners feel nervous about moving their data through a third-party application. However, many organizations make this switch seamlessly every day. In the simplest form, the idea of "the cloud" means that instead of accessing your company's data and programs from physical hard drives on-site, your data is stored accessibly on web-hosted applications. The term "cloud monitoring" has come to mean supervising the physical and virtual servers, any shared resources between them and the online applications that allow them to run in remote locations. Such a broad and inclusive scope allows cloud monitoring to detect patterns and problems inside your infrastructure or website that may have been hidden too densely for support personnel to discover previously.

Cloud reporting services are an efficient way to maintain your website. Such flexible features ensure that your contact continues to load properly, allowing your site to handle unexpected bandwith and maintain download speeds in high traffic. We have the ability to backup, detect security breaches and monitor any unauthorized changes or suspicious patterns. We will continuously analyze, test and check your organization's website, network and email server from an off-site location. Such a high level of cross-referencing allows for faster error detection. It also increases the speed that any errors can be rectified.

Who Should Use Cloud Monitoring?

Any company – regardless of its size – that uses the Internet to conduct business and communications can benefit from cloud monitoring services. No matter the size or industry, when your connection is offline, you start to lose money. Customers are frustrated and opportunities are lost. Even internal email issues can quickly cause issues with your customers.

Maintaining a functional website is crucial to business success in today's market. When pages are slow or not loading, customers quickly lose interest and seek business elsewhere. Research has indicated that for each second a customer spends waiting on a web page to load, their satisfaction decreases by 16 percent. Further, 72 percent of customers do not return to website that performed poorly. Cloud monitoring is the only sure way to guarantee that your website is being constantly monitored, tested and corrected.

Cloud Monitoring Benefits:

The benefits of cloud computing to your business are numerous, which is why so many companies are shifting to this model. Cloud monitoring can actually reduce functional server downtime by as much as 80 percent. We can optimize your goals based on your needs. Emails can be tested regularly to ensure there are no issues with sending or receiving and your website and mobile applications can be similarly tested. This constant monitoring allows your website to maintain speed and functionality no matter how much traffic you receive. If any issues do occur, cloud monitoring will allow us to trace the sequence of events that led to them and help fix any system errors at the source.

Cloud monitoring allows you to increase revenue while saving costs on hardware maintenance. Maintaining a reliable website will ensure repeat business and increase the rate at which transactions can be processed. Testing features also allow you to track the behavior patterns from your visitor. Analyzing these patterns can help you improve your onsite design. It will provide valuable insights regarding how potential customers perceive your website. Because all of this testing and analysis can be done online through a third party, you no longer have to allocate resources to server maintenance or additional support staff.

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